Gifu, Japan

Natural Resources

Research Interests

We are engaged in bioprospecting research, i.e., the search for useful compounds in untouched natural resources. Although an estimated more than 250,000 species of plants exist on earth, only a small fraction of them is understood chemically. Our primary focus is the isolation and structural determination of chemical compounds from these natural resources and natural resources as well as the identification of their usefulness through the biochemical and pharmacological screening process.

Research Objectives
  1. Analysis of chemodiversity in Family Gesneriaceae, Piperaceae and Acanthaceae
  2. Bioassays of isolated compounds from natural sources
  3. Synthesis of phenolic compounds isolated from natural sources
Research Results
  1. Nagai H., Tanaka T., Goto T., Kusudo T., Takahashia N., Kawada T., Phenolic compounds from leaves of Casimiroa edulis showed adipogenesis activity, Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry 78, 296-300 (2014)
  2. Oyama M., Nakashima K., Kamiya K., Haba M., Ito T., Murata H., Tanaka T., Flavonoids isolated from the leaves of Melicope triphylla and their extracellular-superoxide dismutase-inducing activity, Phytochemistry Letters, 6, 215-218 (2013)
  3. Nakashima K., Oyama M., Ito T., Joko R., Dedy D., Tanaka T., Murata J., Iinuma M., “Novel Zierane-and Guaiane-Type Sesquterpenes from the Root of Melicope denhamii“, Chem. and Biodiv., 9, 2195-2202 (2012)
  4. Nakashima K., Oyama M., Ito T., Akao Y., Joko R.W., Dedy D., Tanaka T., Murata J., Iinuma M,, Novel quinolinone alkaloids bearing a lignoid moiety andrelated constituents in the leaves of Melicope denhamii, Tetrahedron, 68, 2421-2428 (2012).
  5. Nakashima K., Oyama M., Ito T., Joko R., Dedy D., Tanaka T., Murata J., Iinuma M., “Melicodenines A and B, novel Diels-Alder type adducts isolated from Melicope denhamii“, Tetrahedron Lett., 52, 4694-4696 (2011)


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