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Math Studies

Research Objectives

In our research it is a purpose to analyze various phenomena of the nonlinear dynamics. One is fluctuation effect of synchronization in the chaotic dynamics. The elements in heterogeneous systems are easy to synchronize than those in homogeneous systems, and we analyzed it with the use of the probability density function. Now, we consider more rigid and more detailed analysis. The other is the research of dynamics in coupled map lattices using nonlinear Frobenius-Perron equation. For the piecewise linear system, calculations in the nonlinear Frobenius-Perron equation are simpler, we research the dynamics of the infinite system size. As for classes for basic education, one of the big purposes is to provide understandable lectures and then to contribute to pharmacy studies. In mathematics and statistics as liberal arts, we aim to continue education to help professional studies in pharmacy.

Research Objectives
  1. Fluctuation effect in chaotic synchronization
  2. Synchronization in nonlinear Frobenius-Perron equation
  3. Mathematics education in faculty of pharmaceutical sciences
  4. Medical statistics education
最近の研究成果 Research Results
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  5. Katsuragi D, Present situation of education before entrance to university and verification of the effect, 18th FD Forum Report of the Consortium of Universities in Kyoto, 353-366(2013).
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