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Research Interests

The term self-medication is considered to be a hot issue; though, different kinds of business people with insufficient knowledge of medical herbs have getting into the industry and caused problem in the fields of health care products as well as medical products. The issues caused by misunderstanding of medical usage for the parts of body, inappropriate selection between the similar names of herbs, or overdoses of the specific substances in the forms of food products have been shown these days. Therefore the specialists who deal with self-meditation or herbal products are urgently fostered and pharmacists should be expected to take responsible for these issues because of face to face encountering consumers. In order to deal with these issues our laboratory have been working on the following fields. 1. To identify source of herbs or plants in the market by using the microscope judgment, 2. To create the database of food and medical supplies, 3. To introduce cultivation of useful resources plant, 4. To investigate wild species for the protection, 5. To enlighten consumers about the proper knowledge of herbs and plants. Our laboratory are fostering the specialists to contribute to the society.

Research Objectives
  1. A study about the construction of the crude drug database
  2. The microscope judgment study of a plant combined with so-called health food and medical supplies
  3. The introduction cultivation study of the useful resources plant in cold districts
  4. A study about medical herb cultivation and the crude drug preparation processing
Research Results
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