Gifu, Japan

Community Pharmacy

Research Interests

We focus on broad range of subjects with various problems related to pharmacy practice on Gifu Pharmaceutical University Pharmacy. Our research projects are classified roughly into two categories, 1) studies on pharmacy practice and 2) studies on effect of medicine and supplement. In the pharmacy practice, we suggest and evaluate the technique for inspection the dispensed drugs against the prescription, i.e., to check the name of dispensed drug against the name of prescribed drug, single character by single character (single character-by-single character checking). Furthermore, we study the influence of storage conditions on the quality of prescribed drugs. In the area of medicine and supplement, we conduct basic research to study the pharmacological effects of off-label prescription drug using culture cells. For example, we focus the anti-cancer effects of bisphosphonate, which is approved for the treatment of osteoporosis, and have shown molecular action of bisphosphonate on prostate cancer cells. We also study the effects of naturally-occurring compounds, which are widely used as nutritional supplement, using experimental models.

Research Objectives
  1. Scientific assessment of improvement on pharmacy practice
  2. Study on effect of medicine and supplement
  3. Promotion of proper use of pharmaceutical products
Research Results
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